Galaxy Scraper


Great, funny and addictive 3D platform game


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Galaxy Scraper is one of those games that makes you play and play with no rest. It has received the Best Game Award in Art Futura 2007 and in the Independent Games Festival 2008, that tells us how big and good is the funny game in this 32 MB file.

When you'll play Galaxy Scraper you'll take the control of a little person with a helmet and intergalactic glasses who will live interesting adventures. In the first level you'll arrive to a planet called Iuranus and your mission will be to feed the planet by kicking the tiny creatures living in it to make them fall into the planet's mouth. Move our beloved character by using arrow keys and kick creatures with the left button of the mouse.

When you'll finish the first level you'll fly from it to other one and the mission will be far different, now the mission is to walk throw a corridor, but firstly you'll have to open the gate by jumping from platform to platform and avoiding lava rocks, and fire.

Don't hesitate, if you want to play a funny and really well designed 3D platform game, try Galaxy Scraper and you'll realize that all the awards it has been given are not a matter of luck, you'll be amazed.

The demo version includes the first two planets

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